Keep your hair accessories in one place with this beautiful acrylic organizer! Its simple, clean design looks great on any dresser and is perfect for adults and little girls alike.

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We get the feeling you’re searching for a hairband you know you have somewhere… or desperately trying to extricate a single ribbon from a dreadful tangle of them. That’s why we’ve created the all-in-one hair accessory container, display and organizer. Use the outer cylinder for hairbands and ribbons, the inner bar for ponytail holders of all shapes and sizes, and the rest of the space for clips, pins and small accessories. The transparent material allows you to see what you have so you’re never left wondering. Finally, a place for your little pretty stuff to call home. designed by beauties just like you.

The rim ridge keeps the cover and center tube from moving around so everything stays in place. With the raised center tube, feel free to keep pony holders or clips on the bottom. The Yofi Hair Accessory Holder makes a great gift for all occasions.


This Clear Display Stand is professionally designed to create a super-elegant, sturdy, and multi-purpose Headband Organizer and Scrunchie Holder. When these two holders are attached, they create an extra compartment for other hair accessories such as clips, bows, and more!


The Headband Organizer has a 5″ tube diameter which perfectly and securely holds your headbands. When used alone without the scrunchie tube, it doubles as a Hair Brush Holder. It provides enough space for your hand and fingers to take out accessories from the bottom.


The Scrunchie Holder has a 45mm tube diameter to make sure that the scrunchies are tight even when it’s facing down – not stretching them too much. When used together with the Headband Holder, it offers a 1-inch interior space for clips and other small accessories.

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